Tongyue ceramics adheres to the quintessence of China's 5000 year ceramic art culture, gathers the great achievements of European and American classic art masterpieces, adheres to the "one-to-one quality as the goal, perfect after-sales service process. In the process of continuous innovation and enterprising, Tongyue ceramics devotes itself to providing high-quality products to the vast number of consumers. The product structure is diversified and the varieties of designs and colors are rich. The main products are Jiulongbi series, Jiulongbi series, Tongyue Ceramics Co., Ltd Venice series, line stone series, Chinese jade series, golden silk jade series, natural stone series, nafna series, brati series, polycrystalline series, white series, seeping flower series, tulip series, raw stone series, Roman cave stone series, ice age series, Amazon series, aurosa series, Chinese jade series, marble series, diamond series, complete Glazed series (600x600 to 1200x1200) and other qualified glass fossil products are highly praised by the industry and loved by consumers. Excellent product quality comes from advanced equipment and concept. Tongyue ceramics is familiar with this way, and is committed to develop and design more fashionable and more in line with modern environmental protection. Any form and careful problems are not allowed to appear in the terminal market. Ensure the perfect product for every customer and user. No matter in the design of fancy varieties, large-scale production and trial production, updating process equipment and even staff training, we always implement the principle of quality first. Driven by advanced concept, Tongyue ceramics introduces advanced manufacturing technology, creates excellent quality with exquisite technology, and brings you products leading the trend of polished tiles. All products are strictly inspected by relevant national authorities, and all kinds of professional certification are obtained, which meet the requirements of appendix g of GB / t4100-2006 standard and class A decoration material of gb6566-2010 standard, and won the award of "China compulsory 3C certification" and other qualification certification, the scope of use is not limited. Our unremitting pursuit of quality is only to let users get more comfortable and healthy living space. Quality comes from every process, which is the belief of Tongyue ceramics. I believe that through unremitting efforts, down-to-earth progress, we will certainly open up the road to success. "It's a long way to go. I'll go up and down and look for the future." in the future, Tongyue ceramics will continue to implement the brand concept of "fashion boutique, choice of taste", always shining on the ceramic stage with the best posture, adding bricks and tiles for the harmonious life of consumers and striving for the construction of a harmonious society. Adhering to the business philosophy of "humanistic care, integrity and openness", Tongyue ceramics will be committed to serving customers at a wider range of levels, and repay the society with a positive and sincere attitude.



Design comes from a life attitude, with a unique design perspective and a keen sense of fashion, Deductive luxury is a beautiful definition of fashion. Adhere to the design concept of independent innovation, adhering to the traditional ceramic tile art, Incorporating European culture into tile design, calm and stylish, beautiful and luxurious, The details are elegant, the classic is both comfortable and dedicated to create a noble and elegant product style for consumers, Customize the extraordinary space experience.             


Since its inception, TongYue Ceramics has been defined as a synonym for European fashion life. The innate superiority makes the world look up. Innovative craftsmanship and ultimate quality are even more distinguished. TongYue Ceramics Ceramic System Clock pursues superior quality, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology. Integrating products into life has become a leader in the ceramic tile industry. Perfect quality control system, strict green environmental protection requirements, top professional and technical personnel, The tempering of the ceramic chef's ceramic quality life symbolizes.


Each of TongYue Ceramics' ceramic products is an ingenious art product, "collection" and "selection", At the same time, it implies nobleness, appreciation and ingenuity, and interprets the beauty of the world. Facing the future development opportunities and challenges, TongYue Ceramics Ceramics adheres to the philosophy of life and integrates it into the manufacture of ceramic tiles, Adhere to the spirit of openness and enterprising, and actively innovate, Transform every ordinary and instant into extraordinary pleasure. Committed to delivering high quality life to every consumer, bringing a comfortable space experience for consumers.